Tuesday :: Jun 1, 2004

Backhanded Compliment of the Year (So Far)

by rayman

Courtesy of Joe Trippi:

Indeed, Kerry last week inched ahead in the battleground statesóless because of his own "bio" spot (though Republicans admit it's pretty good) than because of six weeks of bleak news from Iraq. "I don't hear very much passion in Kerry's campaign," says Joe Trippi, who managed Dr. Howard Dean out of obscurity. "But Kerry won the primaries by benefiting from the other guy's collapse, and he may do it again."

Zing! In all seriousness, Trippi's acidic comment demonstrates that, in spite of the recent "Democratic unity" appearances featuring Dean, there is no love lost between the Dean and Kerry camps. After he wins, Kerry is going to have to initiate some serious intra-party healing, methinks.

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