Friday :: Jun 4, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Wow, just yesterday Kevin Drum complained about it being a slow news day, but then fortunately he found something worth blogging about. Today, we woke to the news of George Tenet resigning - so much for slow news days. Perhaps in August, we will complain about slow news days, but I suspect this summer will be plenty interesting as we track the Plame investigation, the Chalabi treason investigation, the Abu Ghraib investigation and as we watch what happens in Iraq: what about Halliburton, the new yet old Iraq government, and the situation in Najaf. If we get bored, we can talk about the disenfranchisement of legal voters and the dangers of Blackbox voting. And then there is the media - we can talk about Judy Miller and Nedra Pickler or we can celebrate people like Bill Moyers, Sid Hersh or Chris Allbright. I suspect if we run out of interesting news it will be because we are totally overloaded with the news of the day.

Meanwhile, here is a post about the Senate and its workings that is well worth your while.

Okay, it's your turn.

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