Saturday :: Jun 5, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Checkout the Enron tape posts at Seeing the Forest. Thomas Leavitt's mind was blown by the crazy system the pols setup:

The politicians who allowed this system to be created oughta be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, and the Enron executives who promoted it ought to be sentenced to breaking rocks on a chain gang for the next fifty years!

Remember how Bush and his pet FERC said the market was working just fine? It was the bad Californians that were using up LOTS more energy than they were willing to pay for? Well, some of California's best pols, including Pete Wilson, helped create this mess. And don't forget that our latest Governor spent time with this lovely crew - and he has promised to push "deregulation" since obviously California hadn't paid out enough to the crooks. Such a deal that the "free market" gives to the gullible.

Did you know that once California was the frontrunner in providing alternative energy options? And that consumers in California appreciated the options? All of this was thrown away so that California could be used to prove "deregulation" worked. Boy, didn't that work out well?

Your turn now.

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