Sunday :: Jun 6, 2004

More Fallout from Iraq

by Mary

Jacques Chirac disputed George W Bush's statement that the the war in Iraq was as important to the world as World War II. Although he and Bush agreed that Iraq could no longer afford to have the US and France at cross purposes, Chirac noted that the reason for the original split was because there was no valid evidence that Iraq was an imminent threat to the world, the only reason for the war that Bush's administration was selling to the UN last year. Chirac also made it clear that the US must be willing to turn sovereignty over to Iraq and could not be setting up a puppet government that fronted for the neocon interests.

Tony Blair is suffering his lowest approval ratings of his political career because of two things: Iraq and Bush. In stark contrast to the admiration the British held for other presidents of the US, including Ronald Reagan, Bush is intensely disliked in Britain and this is a tremendous liability to Blair.

Chalabi's aide, Francis Brooke, is wanted by the Iraqi government for obstructing the raid on Chalabi's headquarters. Brooke is a top American lobbyist for Chalabi and works as a consultant for BKSH, Charlie Black's company. Brooke bragged last year to the New Yorker that he largely engineered the war on Iraq by delivering evidence on WMD to the Pentagon. That fact that the evidence was manufactured was certainly a big part in why the rest of the world thought the US was lying about the threat of Saddam's WMD. Brooke has left Iraq for the US where he will not be served with the arrest warrant.

Meanwhile, it looks like Chalabi, a true survivor, has a good chance of playing a part in the new Iraqi government. As he has all Saddam's secret police records, he has a lot of power still even without the US backing. And our government gave him this power over the Iraqis who still believe that Chalabi is less trustworthy than Saddam. Chalabi continues to brag that he got the US to topple Saddam's government.

"There is a smear campaign that says I am responsible for the liberation of Iraq," he said, before adding with a chuckle: "But how bad is that?"

Nevermind the tens of thousand dead Iraqis and the 827 Coalition deaths and almost 5000 wounded. They simply don't count compared to the gross ego of the man who would be king of Iraq.

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