Sunday :: Jun 6, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

John Ashcroft first became famous as the man who lost an election to a dead man, but then was put in charge of the US Justice Department by President Bush. Yet, perhaps there is some buyer's remorse on putting a fundamentalist nutcase in charge of the constitution going on? Time Magazine reads the tea leaves and sees Bush cooling on his "old friend" and thinks that Ashcroft won't be hanging around during a second term. (So, let's see: that's Condi, Powell, Tenet and Ashcroft who will be outside the tent in a new term.)

Since Ashcroft was a sop thrown to the fundies, this could mean that Bush won't care that much about his fundie base in a second term. Perhaps Bush really is recognizing that he needs to cater to the "have more" (his "base") a bit more and Ashcroft just won't do?

Any words of wisdom for those of us on the Left Coaster?

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