Wednesday :: Jun 9, 2004

Medicare Prescription Drug Cards

by Mary

Few seniors are signing up for the Medicare prescription drug cards believing that the benefit is too little for the pain and confusion of trying to pick one that will help. The rollout of the plan has been poorly received, because it takes hours to find a card that works for a particular senior and even then once it is picked, the provider can drop the drugs or raise prices on the drugs covered. Since seniors are the least computer-savvy age group, some are recommending that others help them decide if there is a card that would be make it worth their while.

Yet in yesterday's hearings held by Senator Charles Grassley, the Senator accused the critics of creating the confusion.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the committee chairman, went even further. "The drug discount card program has been the target of a deliberate campaign to discredit it and confuse seniors about how it works," Grassley said.

Some Senators are calling for changes in the program including reducing the number of choices and locking in the prices and drugs for the seniors once they sign up for a card. If there aren't some changes, it appears that this government program will prove Reagan's contention that government is the problem. Or more precisely, government in hock to big business is the problem and this baby was brought to you by the party that believes government's role is to move cash from your pocket into the pockets of their cronies.

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