Wednesday :: Jun 9, 2004

New Poll Shows Kerry Up By Six, And Is Bush Whacko?

by Steve

As a heads up to all of you, I will be heading out of town tomorrow afternoon visiting family and San Diego colleges with our daughter (excitement and dread at the same time), and will not return until Sunday night. I will leave you in the fine hands of Senior Editor Mary and the rest of our editors until my return.

Before I go however, I want to leave you with several things to chew on. First, Capitol Hill Blue is a Beltway Newsblog run by former reporters and Hill staffers. I cannot vouch for their credibility, except to say they have been around since 1994 and haven’t been run out of town yet. Some of us have questioned Bush’s emotional and mental stability, and some of you have even astutely begun making some comparisons to Nixon’s paranoia when describing Bush lately. Read this. This same outfit reported last week that Bush knew about his staffers' efforts to expose Plame and did nothing about it.

Second, thanks to a tip from PollFan, we find out tonight that according to two new national polls, Kerry is now ahead of Bush by six points (outside the MOE) in both polls. These results are courtesy of PollFan and the great website, where they report that the latest Los Angeles Times poll out tonight through yesterday shows Kerry with a 48%-42% lead over Bush, with Nader getting 4%. This poll shows that Kerry gets these numbers even with a large number of voters still learning about him, which means that the ads Kerry is using to introduce himself need to be followed up quickly with issue ads showing differences with Bush. Yet this same poll, like a Zogby battleground poll out late today, shows that Kerry and Bush are neck and neck in Ohio and Wisconsin, but Bush has pulled ahead in Missouri (calling Dick Gephardt, white courtesy phone please.) These LA Times results mirror a new Gallup Poll we reported on yesterday, which also shows a six-point Kerry lead nationwide.

Third, for those of you looking for Electoral College updates, I can refer you to two sources. First is, which updates its results whenever it gets new state poll results. And secondly there is of course Rasmussen’s similar predictor, which came out today, plus whatever Zogby updates at their site.

Fourth, while the White House seeks to make the evangelical churches in the country tax-exempt extensions of the GOP, the Religious Left is stirring now too.

Lastly, read the top-notch piece by Jonathan Weisman in tomorrow’s Post which posits that Bush has yet to benefit from the good news about the economy. Weisman states that this may be because despite what the Administration is telling us, many have yet to see the rebound. And with high gas prices and other inflation, plus lower wage jobs replacing the higher paying jobs that have been lost, it is not certain that folks will feel things are getting better before Election Day. But do read the comment from the Alabama GOP voter at the end of the story and you’ll conjure up visions of a typical Bush Deep South voter.

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