Thursday :: Jun 10, 2004

Short Hits: Unemployment Up; Is Rove Testing Bush-Is-Reagan Commercials?

by Steve

As I head out of town this afternoon, check out these short items:

Unemployment Goes Up

The weekly first-time filings for unemployment went up last week to cross the 350,000 barrier. Huh? Yes, you read that correctly.

Rummy Expands Prison Abuse Probe

Rummy has decided to expand the prison abuse probe to drag more senior military commanders into the investigation. This should make the brass really grumpy, especially when they find out that Rummy has no plans to expand the probe to his own staff.

Rove Field-Tests Bush-Is-Reagan Commercials?

If you want to see open warfare between the Bush wing of the GOP and the Reagan true believers, aside from seeing Laura Bush tell Nancy forget it over stem-cell research, watch what happens if George W. Bush actually runs commercials trying to wrap himself in Reaganís mantle. Again, we don't know if it's true, but since we're talking about Rove here, it's definitely possible that he has done such spots for focus groups.

Itís ironic that of all the stuff that hasnít hurt Bush terribly yet, the one thing I think that would kill him politically with his base would be to try and exploit the Gipper, like he is doing to 9/11.

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