Friday :: Jun 11, 2004

A Mother's Say

by pessimist

A Soldierís Mother Blasts Pro-War Conservatives

My daughter is an American soldier who recently returned from a year of service in Baghdad. I am married to a 23-year Army veteran.

It is likely that he will serve in Iraq soon.

I am writing this letter because I am fed up with propaganda coming from some supporters of the Iraq War who believe that only they are patriotic.

Why do you exaggerate the positive things that happen in Iraq while ignoring the lies that this administration tells our weary children and the American public?

Then you tell us (and our children who are fighting) that we donít support our troops..

I'm not impressed when you spew propaganda that unnecessarily places our troops in harmís way.

I'm not impressed when you ignore the large number of American soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq, dismissing these brave patriots by using the condescending phrase ďsoldiers die in wars.Ē Does that mean that we should not keep as many of them as safe as we can?

Using medically unfit soldiers to cover this administrationís miscalculations concerning troop strength, and going into this conflict without most of our allies, is causing our soldiers to pay a much higher price.

And you tell us that we donít support our troops?

I'm not impressed when you spout constant criticism of our attempts to end this war and bring our soldiers safely home. You have a rabid need to discredit us while we want to save our soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians from unnecessary harm.

And you say that we donít support our troops.

I'm not impressed when you tell our soldiers that they will be going home soon and then they are kept for more than a year. There is a limit to human endurance.

And you say we donít support our troops.

You are fostering contention toward patriotic Americans who happen to believe differently than you do.

Why do you refuse to believe that we support our troops just as you do? Why wonít you talk to us without condemning or demeaning us? Why do you believe that those of us who have children who serve are less moral than those of you who have children who serve?

I am finding that in order for soldiers and their families to be respected by the conservatives, we have to agree with the conservatives.

We are moral, we are American, and we support our troops.

I will do everything I can to get George W. Bush out of office. He is the most divisive president in my memory.

This war could have been postponed until we secured international support, or it could have been avoided altogether. We could have removed Hussein from power with a small force of persecuted Iraqi dissidents who begged Bush for the funds to let them do it. However, that strategy would not have given Bush access to Iraqi oil or control over the new government.

This is my right to freedom of speech. You have a right to your freedoms, including a right to try and keep W. Bush in office. That is the American way.

Denise Thomas

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