Sunday :: Jun 13, 2004

Proudly a 9-10 Citizen Here

by paradox

26 former General Officers and Senior Diplomats, “several” appointed by Reagan and Bush I, will issue a declaration this Wednesday that President Bush should be defeated this November.

“A Bush Administration ally” was quoted as saying "This seems like a statement from 9/10 people [who don't see] the importance of 9/11 and the way that should have changed our thinking."

It’s maddening to see a quote like this or hear “9/11 changed everything” and never have the statement precisely explain the consequences. What changes, then? How exactly does this mean we will behave differently in the future? If you’re a 9/11 politician, just what are we getting here?

27 months of empirical observation can finally give us some answers:

  • Loudly proclaim that attacking another country, without provocation, is an acceptable option
  • Lying to the American public to hype a threat for preemptively waging war is fine
  • Ignoring the Geneva Conventions with the most appalling legal rationale to torture prisoners is okay
  • Lying to Congress about the cost of war and the Medicare drug bill is all right
  • Treason as payback for criticism--cool

The list goes on, as we all know. What these anonymous officials mean by calling those patriots “9/10 people” is that they don’t realize the terrorists broke all the rules, so now the United States can break all the rules it wants too. Whatever means necessary to “protect” American “security” and “interests,” even if they don’t have a clue as to what those are or how to influence them.

At least 20,000 dead, Lord knows how many wounded so far, Osama not caught, Afghanistan a failed state, Iraq a conflagrating war crime growing stronger every second.

I’m proudly a 9/10 kinda guy, thank you very much. Just because monstrous thugs murder innocents doesn’t mean I’ll become a felon myself to get back at them—not exactly a new ethical insight to this world. Idiots who say patriots are “9/10 people” just mean Bush and his cronies can do whatever they want, even as the corpses pile higher.

“9/11 changes everything.” By throwing away the constitution, ethics, decency, and countless human lives for provocative failure. Bush administration officials are going to find out very soon how abhorrently unacceptable this is to a sound majority of Americans.

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