Monday :: Jun 14, 2004

Kerry Begins Week Focusing On Economy, Bush Camp Responds With Usual Drivel - And Gets Called On It

by Steve

John Kerry began his week of emphasizing economic issues by asserting that the middle class has been, and continues to be hurt by Bush Administration policies. While Bush was telling folks in Missouri that the Medicare drug benefit and discount card was going to help them, Kerry’s camp issued a report that claimed higher energy costs, health care costs, and lower paying jobs are harming the middle class, no matter what recent gains there have been in job creation.

The Bush campaign responded with its usual drivel, saying that although the economy is still down a net 1.2 million jobs since Bush took office, Kerry’s pessimism doesn’t create jobs. At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s Rosy Scenario all the time.

The interesting thing though is that the AP took the usual drivel from the Bush campaign and checked it out. And guess what? They found out that Kerry’s claims that recent job growth was in lower paying, and temporary jobs were true.

The Kerry campaign report says the new jobs that have been created since January pay less than those lost since Bush took office. Bush's campaign says Kerry's analysis is flawed.

"John Kerry is traveling the country delivering a message of gloom and doom and filled with pessimism that is completely disconnected with reality," Schmidt said.

Bush's campaign cited U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures showing the average salary for non-supervisory workers at $15.64 an hour.

But the bureau also reports that a bulk of the new jobs — 978,000 — come from the private services sector, where the average hourly salary is $15.24. Of the sector's professional and businesses services jobs created in May, nearly half are temporary help, the bureau said.

Well, what do you know? The media actually didn’t take stenography and called the Bush campaign’s bluff.

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