Monday :: Jun 14, 2004

Hatch and McCain on Their Knees

by paradox

The Taguba report on torture at Abu Ghraib that was supposed to have been given to Congress May 27th is still missing 2,000 pages—a critical memo from Rumsfeld and the Red Cross reports are just not there.

John Ashcroft, incredibly, is still pulling off his stunt of flipping off Congress in not providing the torture justification memos written by lawyers in his own department.

Orrin Hatch will not issue a contempt citation for Ashcroft, which he has complete grounds for. "It appears that the Department of Defense is dragging its feet and that's unfortunate," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., of the Taguba report.

What’s unfortunate is that John McCain has lost whatever pair he has left and doesn’t cite the Pentagon for contempt of Congress too. It’s hard to imagine what’s more appalling—executive public servants with so little regard to serving the people openly, or two such distinguished, senior members of the United States Senate forsaking their duty in such loathsome, obsequious, craven capitulation to ethical principles and their oversight responsibilities.

I expected as much from Hatch, but was hoping belatedly for more from McCain.

[Thanks to Lysias in the comment threads at The Daily Kos]

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