Tuesday :: Jun 15, 2004

How Credible is the Latest Ashcroft Indictment?

by Mary

Today in the ongoing war on terrorism, Attorney General John Ashcroft stated that an indictment was brought against a Somali man for plotting to blow up an undisclosed shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio. NPR's Market Place commented about how bad a terrorist attack on a middle America shopping mall would be on the struggling economy, and thus bad for George Bush's election prospects.

But is that the underlying story? Here is Ashcroft touting how Bush's policies had prevented an attack and at the same time reminding Americans that, "The American heartland was targeted for death and destruction by an al-Qaida cell."

Oh, yes. The heartland. The part of the country we all know is the election battleground.

And what is most important advantage that Bush still has for running against Kerry? Oh, that's right. He's better on fighting terrorism than Kerry.

So, John Ashcroft is reporting that Bush has saved the country from another dastardly terrorist attack, right in the heartland. Doesn't this prove that Bush is the master at fighting terrorism?

For awhile, I berated myself for my cynical thoughts. Bush (and his toady, Ashcroft) would never, ever be so blatantly political.

But, it was interesting this was reported in Ohio. One of the key battleground states.

And just as the news was getting pretty bad for Bush: what with Washington Post's posting the immoral and depraved legal document that said Americans could torture people as long as the President said it was okay, or the messy news that keeps cropping up in Iraq, or the fact that the majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. What better time for providing another fear shock to the body politic?

I was glad to find out I'm in good company in my cynicism. In tomorrow's column, Krugman lays out the case for why Ashcroft is the worst Attorney General ever. He closes:

The memo came out late Sunday. Mr. Ashcroft called a press conference yesterday to announce an indictment against a man accused of plotting to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio. The timing was, I'm sure, purely coincidental.

Note: One of the reasons it is so easy to believe the worst about the Bushies and their motives comes directly from the way they act. Their excessive secrecy creates suspicion and mistrust. They are, indeed, reaping what they have sowed. And you know what? Most of the time, those of us that believe the worst about them are proven right again and again. Witness the missing WMD. The California energy crisis which wasn't due to market manipulation. Cheney, who didn't have anything to do with the Halliburton contracts. Yes, it is so easy to just trust them, if you didn't mind being conned again and again and again.

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