Tuesday :: Jun 15, 2004

More Voting Machine News

by Mary

Electronic Voting Machines (DREs) are much in the news these days. Yesterday, the League of Women Voters withdrew their support for DREs if they didn't have an auditable paper trail.

The San Jose Mercury reports that Voting Machine companies are hiring former Secretaries of State and their staff to work for them. Former California Secretary of State, Bill Jones, is now a paid consultant for Sequoia, the manufacturer for systems used in several of the California counties.

The NY Times has a piece on the current California Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley. Last year Shelley had commissioned an expert panel to advise him how to deal with DREs and had ruled earlier this year to decertify the DREs and to totally block the use of certain Diebold systems. Counties can recertify their systems under Shelley's guidelines and Santa Clara County was the most recent to do so.

Meanwhile, in Florida, voting officials admit there is a software flaw that would prevent a manual recount. They claim that it is just a minor glitch and can be fixed by the elections.

Finally, kudos to PC World for a very comprehensive report on Voting Machines. Here is a report that provides all the background you need to understand the technical issues with this technology.

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