Tuesday :: Jun 15, 2004

55% Of Iraqis Would Feel Safer If We Left

by Steve

While Bush was touting his Iraq accomplishments last week, he was sitting on a poll that showed how much he and the PNAC cabal have failed in Iraq. A poll of Iraqis in six cities conducted for Paul Bremerís CPA last month, but never released to the American people, shows that after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke out:

-55% feel they would be safer if we just left;
-92% feel we were occupiers;
-54% feel all Americans act like the Abu Ghraib guards;
-41% want the US to leave immediately;
-64% expect the worst from Americans now;
-81% think better of Moqtada al Sadr than they did before.

But remember, we will be treated as liberators, and Bush wants Iraq to follow the Afghanistan model.

No wonder they want our asses out of there now.

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