Wednesday :: Jun 16, 2004

Southern Baptists Break From Baptist World Alliance

by Mary

Southern Baptists voted to leave the Baptist World Alliance, indicting the alliance of "liberal" policies. Marking another stage of the growing isolation of this particular (and peculiar) sect that once was at the forefront of humanistic and independent thinking in the United States, Southern Baptists decided that they would no longer associate themselves with the other Baptist sects throughout the world.

As the Jackson Sun article explained, the Southern Baptists made the largest contingent of the global alliance (1/3 of the 47 Million Baptists), yet only provided 20% of the funds supporting the alliance. Southern Baptists were described as the "wealthiest" group associated with the alliance, but being from the conservative south, it doesn't seem surprising that they take more than they give to the alliance. Perhaps this will be a good thing for those left behind as they will no longer have to pay a disproportionate share for the freeloading "wealthy" Southern Baptists and will no longer have to worry whether someday they will be asked to support one of the conservative "reforms" of the Southern Baptists. In the 19th century, the Baptists split over slavery. This century, it looks like they are splitting over disagreements about the inerrancy of the Bible, the "sinful" public schools and homosexuality.

In my opinion, an organization that can find the Christianity of Jimmy Carter suspect is somewhat questionable itself. So, to which group do you think Bush, the professed uniter, not a divider, panders?

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