Wednesday :: Jun 16, 2004

Kerry Hits $140 Million Already

by Steve

No matter what folks like me may think about the Kerry campaign’s message, tactics, or aggressiveness, it cannot be disputed that they know how to raise money. The campaign announced today that Kerry raised twice as much money in May ($25 million) as Bush did ($13 million), and has already blown past its entire primary season goal of raising $106 million by reaching $140 million already. There are still six weeks to go for Kerry to raise money before he accepts the Democratic nomination and switches to the publicly financed $75 million for the general election campaign. At his current rate of fundraising, it is possible that Kerry could exceed $175 million by the convention, which will dispel any notion that Bush and the RNC will grossly outspend the Kerry camp, especially given the amount Bush has wasted so far in a failed effort to drive up Kerry’s negatives.

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