Wednesday :: Jun 16, 2004

Just Say No to Dick (No, Not Cheney)

by rayman

I couldn't agree more with Matthew Yglesias here. Picking Dick Gephardt as Veep would be utterly disastrous, not to mention inexplicable, on the part of the Kerry campaign. The man is strongly disliked by the Democratic base after the 2002 midterm fiasco, is no sure thing in terms of carrying Missouri, and, most importantly, his Congressional voting record is a potential Chernobyl, filled with opportunistic flip-flops and all sorts of unseemly interest-group pandering (not that this has ever stopped the Repubs, but still). The Kerry campaign's swooning over Gephardt is even more puzzling considering that all the other Veepstakes finalists (Edwards, Clark, Nelson, Vilsack, Graham) would almost certainly be better choices than Gephardt. You would think that, after the Holy Joe debacle in 2000, the party establishment would be sure to select a vice prez who is, y'know, appealing. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, won't get fooled again.

UPDATE: Need more unsubstantiated rumors to quench your thirst? Political Wire, quoting MSNBC, says the top 3 finalists are Gephardt, Vilsack, and...Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius? Meanwhile, Kos relays an even more intriguing rumor.

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