Thursday :: Jun 17, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Here on the Left Coaster, we've talked some about the slow slide of NPR into the conservative borg. And one poster child of that transformation is the prominence of Juan Williams as one of the more visible NPR commentors working the Washington circuit. Well, if there is any question about where good ole Juan stands in the fight for a better America, his oped yesterday in the NY Times giving advice to Bush on how to woo Black voters to the Republican ticket sure should open your eyes.

According the Williams, Bush is good for Blacks - just look at his appointees (Condi is is such a good role model). And boy, if Bush just pushes vouchers, then the Black vote is his. Juan even blames the Black leadership for muddying the waters because according to him, Repubs gave up on the Black vote when the right thought that Bush was maligned by the NAACP over the James Berg murder and the Texas hate crimes. Otherwise, Bush would be knocking his heart out for that Black vote, right?

Fortunately, David Neiwert responded to that canard and also has the facts to show what Bush's real record is on this matter. So, Juan, how much did you get for your last photo-op with Bush? And did it end up as one of his examples of "Bush Demonstrates Compassion by Talking to Real Blacks"? (Gee, isn't that nice. Bush shows compassion by talking to the Pope.)

What else should we be talking about now?

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