Thursday :: Jun 17, 2004

Forget About Respecting McCain

by Steve

Let's put this dog to bed, once and for all. Many people, me included, have posted stories that indicated John McCain may be sick and tired of Bush, to the point of actively considering running with Kerry this year, or at least sitting on his hands this year. Some of this was hope of course, and some of it was respect for a man who, like Max Cleland, gave much for his country, only to be smeared by George W. Bush.

Forget the hope, and let's take a cold hard look at the respect while we're at it as well. McCain has said numerous times he is at odds with the Bush Administration on Iraq, WMD claims, Abu Ghraib, and their overall competence in world affairs. Bush and his minions smeared McCain and his wife during the 2000 campaign. Despite this, not only will McCain not be sitting on his hands this year, he will be campaigning for Bush at his side.

So, from now on, let's agree that McCain is not an alleged maverick who deserves respect. He is nothing more than just one more kneepad-wearing phony. You would think that a man who spent over five years imprisoned and abused in North Vietnam would never respect someone who used connections to avoid combat. You would think that McCain could never eagerly support someone who so willingly throws troops into harms way for a war of choice and a criminally-run occupation where those troops are endangered every day. And you would think that McCain, after being smeared, as well as his wife, by Bush would never actively campaign for him outside of his own state.

And you would be wrong.

Be gone John McCain, you and Bush deserve each other.

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