Saturday :: Jun 19, 2004

Comparisons Hurt Bush

by Mary

The Bush campaign has been largely focused at driving up the negatives of John Kerry and so far they've spent $80 million to do this. By portraying Kerry in a negative light, they hope to have voters stick with Bush.

Yet, the problem for Bush is lately there are a number of comparasons of him to other larger-than-life Republicans which succeed in making Bush look unimpressive. In particular, the slew of stories about Reagan show Bush's intransigence as small and petty. At the same time, Republicans like Schwarzenegger show that Bush is not the master politician that he claims to be.

The Bush campaign is now spinning the story that this is all well and good for Bush as it lowers expectations for him and once more he will gain from this because the comparason will be to Kerry, not those other Republicans. This is the only campaign they can run since the Bush era will be viewed as a pretty big failure after the prosperous and peaceful Clinton years. Even after $80 million in negative ads, voters are still looking at Kerry, because they aren't too happy with the way things are going these days.

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