Saturday :: Jun 19, 2004

9/11 Commission Calls Cheney's Bluff - Asks Him To Put Up Or Shut Up on Saddam/Al Qaeda Claims

by Steve

Remember earlier this week when the 9/11 Commission leaked some of its preliminary findings and reported that they could find no working relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda? Then one day later, Pacemaker Dick told CNBC (and Bush did his Charlie McCarthy impersonation in affirming) that he knew the commission was wrong and there was an ongoing relationship. When asked for specifics, Pacemaker Dick said he knew stuff the commission didn't know, yet it was never addressed why Dick had information he didn't tell the commission.

Well, now he and Condi, and George Tenet will get their chance to come clean and put up or shut up. The commission has said it wants Cheney, Rice, and Tenet to provide what they have once and for all.

OK Dick, back to you. Speak now, or foreven shut the f**k up on this issue.

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