Saturday :: Jun 19, 2004

Now I Can Exhale

by pessimist


Having returned from Xanadu, I'm amazed at how much news I've missed while playing tourist! Catching up just might take awhile, considering that the "news" sources I had available were CNN, MSNBC, and FAUX News. This was a REALLY bad thing.

Case in point. CNN is into subliminal manipulation.

Just what do I mean?

I was watching the 'debate' between ex-Ambassador William Harrop and Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute 'hosted' by Wolf Blitzer on CNN the other day. Wolfie, dazed and out of touch as ever, opened with introductions and led the topic. That's when the fun started.

[Qualification time: Among other things, I have been a professional musician, and know more than a few things about professional audio systems and how they are used. I have also been involved with television production, and know how audio is supposed to used in that medium.]

As the 'debate' progressed, I noticed that when Ms. Pletka spoke, her audio levels were enhanced slightly. These levels were pulled back to nearly inaudible when either Mr. Harrop or (like he'd even know) Wolf spoke. The only audible commentary most watchers would have heard and understood would have been the Bush-Ops Fables that Ms. Pletka was sent to regale us with so that we wouldn't forget the official party line and shift our allegiance to John F. Kerry.

The Bush-Clinton Mutual Admiration Festival was of great interest also. I've read a few opinions as to what is going on with that, and I can't rule them out, but I have to wonder if there might not be other explanations as well. There are subtle signs that the real powers-that-be have decided to shuffle the deck in mid-deal because they are losing their grip on things. Leading from the rear isn't working as it used to, so the polling (like that very interesting one FAUX had reported on [see below]) is being used to allow the leaders-from-the-rear to get to the point of the meandering voter herd and be in position to redirect it should a stampede begin. The only major problem they seem to be having is that they themselves are split. Why else would we have been hearing all the blather-that-wouldn't-die from 'unnamed sources' concerning a Kerry-McCain ticket? Why else would FAUX be saying nice things about Michale Moore and Fahrenheit 911? Why else would we be seeing mortal political enemies Bush and Clinton performing the verbal Monica on each other?

It appears to me (and this is admittedly very subjective) that the real powers-that-be (RPTB) are divided along allied PNAC-DLC lines and the more traditional ones of the major parties. Clinton was hardly as much of a Democrat of the traditional stripe as he could have been, and lots of bloggers have reported that traditional Republicans haven't been too happy with Bush either.

The media are divided between these two RPTB factions. The major cable 'news' organizations are clearly aligned with Bush, while the major broadcast networks range from FAUX and NBC for Bush, CBS and ABC leaning Kerry, and the others bouncing back and forth depending on the story.

Those politicians of both parties who have populist tendencies are the ones of greatest interest. McCain (another mortal political enemy of both Bush and Clinton) is running as fast as he can't away from Bush (that's stuck to W like glue for the confused ones), and FAUX has polled both Dean (demo'd by his own party before he ran away with Iowa) and Gephardt ('nuff said) as Kerry VP choices. Where was Edwards? Graham? Clark? Don't stay up too late waiting for these polling results to show up! Those who have already demonstrated any kind of pull with the voters are the first ones shunted to the side. Far more important to keep people hoping for Kerry-McCain or Kerry-Dean than to focus on the ineptitude of W against the disappointing (so far, at least) performance of John F. Kerry.

I have some ideas on why this might be, and William Randolph Hearst is one of the inspirations for these ideas. These ideas will be the topic of my next post, which I hope to have completed within a day or so. Gots to finish unpacking and do some laundry first.

By the way, when I found that long forgotten vault of Hearst's and got it open, all I found was Geraldo Rivera dealing stud poker to Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa, and the pilots of Flight 19. So, no forgotten pelf, and thus no hefty raises for Left Coaster blogggers! So Sorry!

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