Sunday :: Jun 20, 2004

The AP Starts Gore-ing Kerry For Being Rich, While Bush Is An "Everyman"

by Steve

This one will make your stomach turn. It appears that John Kerry is about to get the Gore treatment from the AP, who ran two negative stories on Kerry today, one dealing with his campaign's acceptance (and return) of a $2000 contribution from a Korean relative of a convicted former president there, and then this gem. Nedra Pickler of the AP decided to run a piece pointing out that Kerry spent his Father's Day with the wealthy on Nantucket today.

The thrust of the story is that Kerry is rich, and spends his time with his rich friends. Keep in mind that we are told by both the media and the GOP that any such mention of wealth in a derogatory way is nothing more than espousing envy and engaging in class warfare. So here is the AP making that very point in a negative way against Kerry, and also taking a shot at him by pointing out he has married two rich women. This is the kind of stuff that Rove would plant with a kneepadded media.

But here's the kicker. In an effort towards fair treatment, Pickler mentions that Bush is wealthy too. However, here's the diffference according to Pickler (and I'm not making this up):

Like Kerry, President Bush is a Yale graduate who has benefited from his wealth and family connections. But Bush spends his down time as more of an everyman, preferring to spend vacations at his Texas ranch clearing brush.

"Most Americans don't sit in Martha's Vineyard, swilling white wine," he said at the ranch two years ago.

Then again, most Americans don't spend their time at large ranches earned from other folks' money when you yourself have never had a real job a day in your life. But you can see where this is going. Bush spends time at his large ranch, paid for with wealth obtained from others (the Saudis and Texas taxpayers) clearing brush, and that makes him an "everyman", whereas Kerry is an elitist who marries well.

Rove couldn't have asked for more. Bush is not an elitist? Try telling that to Kevin Phillips.

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