Monday :: Jun 21, 2004

Ronald Reagan Jr Smacks GW Bush

by Mary

George W Bush has been wrapping himself in the skin of a dead man, believing that he can assume the mantel of that master pol, Ronald Reagan. Yet, the unseemliness of this imposter president claiming to be as great as the master is deep (and if we remember rightly, Bush believes he stands outside and above the Reagan legacy - a George W. Republican, indeed). Now he has been challenged by the son of Reagan.

Ron Jr speaks out on why Bush should cease and desist now.

Reagan was asked about the ambiguous comments he made at his father's funeral, criticizing politicians who wear their faith on their sleeves.

"What I find interesting about it is that everybody assumes that I must be talking about George W. Bush, which I find fascinating and somewhat telling. If the shoe fits . . .," Reagan said.

"I think he's used religion to make his case for - for a lot of things, including Iraq," he said later.

Reagan said he also resented White House efforts to draw parallels between Reagan and Bush.

"I would observe that my father never felt the need to wrap himself in anybody else's mantle. He never felt the need to pretend to be anybody else. . . .

"This is their administration. This is their war. If they can't stand on their own two feet, well, they're no Ronald .Reagans, that's for sure," he fumed.

Well! See if Bush will ever speak nicely at Ron Jr's funeral.

(via Roger Ailes, the good one)

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