Tuesday :: Jun 22, 2004

Luntz Talking Points On Iraq

by Mary

One way to prick the bubble protecting Bush from being revealed as a false and incompetent leader is to expose the structure around him that supports the fantasy of Bush as a great leader. Exhuming Frank Luntz' Iraq talking points memo like Atrios did the other day goes a long way towards providing the tools that can tear down the facade people cling to when continuing to support Bush's war on Iraq.

Carpeicthus on the American Street points out that we should make sure the Bush team cannot back away from "preemption" as their rationale just because their Iraqi venture has been so screwed and they no longer feel like bragging that they that had this great new policy called preemption.

Curt at Hunting the Muse provides some great points that can be used to counter the Luntz advice. And he reminds us one very essential point that we need to pound again and again:

Remember, with Bush, the point isn't that he lied. Republican voters will defend a lie if they see it as being in service to an honorable agenda. The point is that Bush was wrong. That is what is unforgiveable to GOP voters. Bush followed his instincts on what would make us safer from terrorism, his instincts were grossly wrong, and we're going to pay for it if we don't make changes now.

Luntz is Bush's Gríma Wormtongue. Exposing his poison is essential in reclaiming our nation.

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