Wednesday :: Jun 23, 2004

The Media Fund Gets The Jump On Bush Again Today In Philly

by Steve

I mentioned last week that the Media Fund, a left of center 527 committee, has fine-tuned the Truth Corps tactic we espoused here several months ago into preemptive radio and TV spots in markets where Bush is planned to speak. Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer runs a story reporting that the Media Fund is getting the jump on the Bush campaign today by running spots in advance of a Bush visit to Philly where he links a speech on his alleged accomplishments in the battle against AIDS with a fundraiser later in the day.

In a 60-second spot, the Media Fund accuses Bush of breaking promises he made four years ago, citing cuts in educational funding, the loss of 1.9 million jobs nationally, and higher costs for health insurance. Each charge is preceded by a snippet of Bush's speech accepting the Republican nomination in Philadelphia four years ago.

"This is Wednesday, June 23d, and George Bush is back in Philadelphia," the announcer says. "Mr. Bush - before you bring us one more promise, stop breaking the promises you made four years ago."

The Media Fund will be there to bracket both events, having bought time on the five highest-rated radio stations in the Philadelphia market. Its message also was set to run in a full-page ad in today's Inquirer.

The group has done similar targeted marketing in other battleground states, preceding presidential visits with ads in West Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and Missouri.

Good for them. This is how it should be done. If you have a little extra change this month, send several dollars to the Media Fund for them to continue this good work.

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