Thursday :: Jun 24, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Remember how Christie Whitman chartered a big study to provide a baseline for how effective our government is on various environmental indexes? Since 1970, the environment had been improving, yet environmentalists warned there was a risk that Bush's policies could reverse the trends. Well, today's EPA report shows deteriorating conditions on a number of pollution fronts since the Bush regime came into office. Perhaps the way to look at this new report is as a place where Bush is fulfilling one of his campaign promises. As I noted earlier:

During [the 2000] campaign, Bush often said that he would "do for America what I have done for Texas" ....

...George W. Bush is trying to create a record that not only matches his accomplishments in Texas, but actually makes it possible for his corporate polluting friends to pollute even more than before. He is overachieving on his promise to do for America what he did for Texas.

Your flames welcome now.

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