Thursday :: Jun 24, 2004

Cheney Wins Imperial Presidency Case In Front of GOP-Packed Supreme Court

by Steve

As we should have probably expected, the Supreme Court just refused to order the Bush Administration to open up the records of the Cheney Energy Task Force, but did send the case back to a lower court to resolve the issue as to whether federal open government statutes apply to Executive Branch cases like this one. Although the court's failure to immediately direct the Administration to comply with the lower court's order to release the records at the request by both Judicial Watch and the Sierra Club of who advised the Vice President and what advice was given, it did send the case back for further review. However, this is nothing more than a political stalling tactic, as the case can again be appealed by the Administration if they lose again at the lower court, and the case will not be reheard by the Supremes until well after the November 2004 election.

Not that it would matter anyway, because Antonin (Duck Hunting With My Bud Dick) Scalia and Clarence Thomas said that special considerations need to apply to the president and vice-president, and also said that the Executive Branch has no obligation to reveal such information in cases like these. The Imperial Presidency is alive and well with these guys.

I wonder how Scalia and Thomas felt about Hillary's health care task force proceedings.

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