Friday :: Jun 25, 2004

Zell Miller Will Speak At GOP Convention

by Steve

"The problem with too many Democrats today is that they had rather make a statement than win an election. They just want to make their point ... loudly!"
--Zell Miller, "A National Party No More", page 230.

This should have been expected: Zell Miller is going to speak at the GOP convention. A perfect capstone to his political career. But I guess when you are whoring for a job in a second Bush term, you'll do anything.

Miller watched George W. Bush and his minions smear fellow Georgian Max Cleland in the 2002 campaign, and now decides to campaign for Bush. In fact, in his post-mortem on the 2002 race in Georgia, Miller said nothing in his book about what was done to Cleland, yet Miller spends a good deal of time talking about values and the shrill special interest group-driven tone of the national Democratic Party. Somehow the GOP's "values" and its shrill special interest group-driven tone escapes his criticism.

Zell, you are a hypocrite. Be gone. Go off into the sunset, making your point loudly. Your legacy will not be a good one.

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