Saturday :: Jun 26, 2004

Fahrenheit 911 - Your Reviews

by Steve

I just came back from seeing an evening showing of Fahrenheit 911 here in Sacramento. Quite simply, Moore has put together a political statement that will have a significant impact with the base and swing voters. It is a damn good and effective movie. I came out of the theater in a simmering rage, and I knew almost all of the material Moore had in the movie already because of my work on the blog.

Those of you who see the movie will find that you already know most of the facts that Moore uses in the movie, and you will see that those of us who inhabit the center-left blogosphere are significantly better informed than most of America. I noticed that although I knew the material already, many in the audience judging by their gasps and anger at seeing what Moore had collected were not aware of these facts. The big difference with this movie is that Moore is the first person to put a lot of this information together into an overall narrative, and that is the real value of this movie in this election year.

Go see the movie.

Note: I saw the movie in one of the larger screen complexes in Sacramento, in one of the largest theaters in the area. The 7:40 showing was full, all 760 seats, and the manager told me that the shows all day were either full or nearly full. The movie is showing on three screens. In other words, Michael Eisner will have to explain to his board at Disney why he tossed a potentially $60 million movie overboard to suit his politics.

For those of you who saw the movie, please go ahead and share your reviews here over the weekend.

Good job Mr. Moore.

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