Saturday :: Jun 26, 2004

Nader Can't Get On The Oregon Ballot Without Help From The Right Wing

by Mary

One would think that if Ralph Nader had any decency or cared at all for real progressive values, he would denounce the efforts of the right wing groups working to put him on the Oregon ballot. Nader once had a reputation for consumer rights. Now he is shown to be an egoist and spoiler who doesn't care that he doesn't have sufficient backing to get on the ballot without the help of the right wing. If the right wing shows up at Nader's rally to get him on the ballot, Nader ought to look at the fact that he is being backed by people who have no intention of voting for him in the election. And one hopes these committed right wingers will have to make a choice between doing a GOTV for Bush or Nader if they succeed in getting him on the ballot. I think they are fools to think this will work and Nader is a creep.

Update: Green Party declines Nader's invite to back his presidental bid. Good.

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