Sunday :: Jun 27, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Michael Moore makes the right wing about as nuts as Bill Clinton did. He is a masterful story teller, and arguably is as truthful as Ronald Reagan was in presenting the facts and decidedly better at truthtelling than Bush. He understands how to use images and emotion to connect to his viewers, something the Bush team does all the time. It is fitting that the expensive and false photo-op Rove set up with Bush flying out to the USS Lincoln to declare "Mission Accomplished" looks like it will get its best use in this election as a piece of Michael Moore's film. Definitely fitting. I also found it amusing that the right wing is planning their own film festival in Texas and plan to present an expose called Michael Moore Hates America. So do you think it will win the box office contest?

Meanwhile, Al Gore does an even better job of explaining the real danger to our country and why Bush's power grab betrays this country and our constitution.

Your turn.

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