Sunday :: Jun 27, 2004

129 Days Out: Bush is Vulnerable

by paradox

The election is 129 days away with the following fissures in the Bush façade cracking loudly open:

  • Criticism of Halliburton war profiteering with the potential of making Barack Obama another Harry Truman next year has the Vice President proudly introducing the word fuck into the daily political discourse. Very Bad.
  • Stung by a pesky journalist, the White House whined to the Irish Embassy and then cried on the phone to the reporter herself. It made Bush look weak and stupidly fanned the flames of yet another embarrassment. Not good.
  • A scathing movie by Michael Moore that accurately portrays Bush in his worst moments is sweeping the country in a sold-out weekend like a raging prairie fire. Pools are being formed by giddy Democrats on how many points it's going to cost Bush in the polls.
  • The Bush campaign is in freak mode with a new campaign ad that compares the Democrats to Hitler. They’re losing it, frankly.
  • An incredible $80 million negative advertising onslaught by Bush the previous 60 days didn’t do jack to Kerry—he’s still right there, basically tied with the President.

There’s much more good news than this, but at the very least we can finally say that Bush is vulnerable and on the run with complete confidence. It means high turnout, more money donated, better Congressional environments, a more skeptical press, a defensive posture with the White House, and happy Democrats who work a lot harder for Kerry.

Man, what a beautiful California day this is.

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