Monday :: Jun 28, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

For tonight, I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of items. Read this report from Chris Allbritton about what the general mood is for Iraqis today. One thing is clear, they want Americans out now.

Then read Thom Hartmann's article about the 70 year anniversary of the firebombing of the Reichstag in Germany and the failure of democracy. (via Suburban Guerrilla)

Finally, when watching Carole Coleman's interview (15 minutes in) with President Bush where he insists the world is getting safer, ask yourself why when Bush travels he cannot visit any country without inordinate security measures. In Ireland they called out tanks to protect him. And in Turkey, they basically shutdown Istanbul leaving the Turks unhappy and resentful that they are in lock down just because Bush came to their city. Perhaps this is one more case of Bush not perceiving reality? Just like how he missed the fact that al Qaeda threatened to use planes to bomb the conference he attended in Itally in July 2001 and yet he didn't think he needed to do anything about the August POB?

Your thoughts welcome.

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