Tuesday :: Jun 29, 2004

Can you imagine Boy George Doing This?

by Mary

Bill Clinton is drawing huge crowds at his book signings. Besides the inanity of trying to imagine George W Bush actually writing a book by himself, it is hard to imagine that he will ever again be free of his protective bubble. No president has ever closed themselves off so much from the general public before or more truthfully, had to close themselves off. From the protests greeting his inauguration to the "free-speech zones" to the trips overseas where cities have to be locked down and countries armed with tanks, Bush's travels outside his personal castles are like the stories of Bremer leaving the Green Zone with his protective bubble in Iraq. Bush never sees a real person unless they have been put through rigorous security and ideology checks, even when he just shows up to serve turkey to the troops. One wonders if he will have to build himself a fortress in Crawford to protect himself from the American public once he has retired to private life.

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