Tuesday :: Jun 29, 2004

2004 Election: Giddy with Optimism

by paradox

It’s a time of great hope and optimism for John Kerry and the Democrats. Here are a few nuggets from the last week that will bring a smile to even the most pessimistic Democratic partisan:

  • “You keep focusing on all the death,” brilliant George Bush glowered to a real reporter who wouldn’t let his empty platitudes just sit there. “Not that I blame you,” he said with a sickeningly sweet fake smile seconds later. It’s finally starting to dawn on Bush that no matter how much one yaps nice-sounding words humans will still keep focusing on how many people actually die (thousands upon thousands) from his policies.
  • “It’s a sign of confidence,” Bush said of Bremer and the CPA chickening out on the real date for Iraqi “sovereignty” and immediately fleeing two days early. Fellow NATO members were too polite to howl with laughter. The families of three Marines who were killed the next day weren’t laughing—there is no fleeing for them. Quite fittingly, this insane Iraq war is now bing called “the greatest single foreign policy blunder in the history of mankind.”
  • A brilliant documentary by Michael Moore is smashing box office records and setting tongues wagging across the entire nation as devastating facts and images of Bush are endlessly shown around the country. Howard Stern is reading letters from GI’s who have seen the movie—manifestly disgusted with Bush—on his radio show. It’s one of the greatest political gifts ever given to a Democratic candidate, and it’s only just starting.
  • The latest CBS/NYT poll has Bush with a 42% approval rating with 57% thinking the country is on the wrong track. The Democratic convention hasn’t even been held yet, so the head-to-head numbers (tie) are useless. But the approval and track numbers are absolutely deadly for Bush—no incumbent has ever survived being so weak in late June.
  • John Kerry has smashed all Democratic fundraising records with over $100 million banked and 1,000,000 small donors. Gore had 155,000 donors in the last election. Great hope for the Little People can be found in these numbers, for they’ve demonstrated very good power and focus to deliver this money, undreamed of just four years ago.
  • There’s much, much more, but these five points alone are cause for great optimism, hope, and joy. John Kerry and the Democrats are going to win easily, with even the House and Senate very much in play. A fun Presidential election season, finally!

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