Thursday :: Jul 1, 2004

Donít Ever Come Back, Tom Friedman

by paradox
Weary and embittered US citizens--suffering under a war for lies and flipping off the President with a 42% approval rating--got an unexpected blast of sunshine into the suffocating, sycophantic prism of US journalism this morning: Barbara Ehrenreich got a 90 day gig on the nyt’s op-ed page.
She’s filling in for the profoundly disgraced Tom Friedman, that asshole who said he didn’t mind at all that Bush lied to start this disastrous war in Iraq. Delivering the truth is the primary mission of journalism, but the poor nyt’s still can’t figure that one out,
for they admitted they snookered the public by publishing the hapless lies of Judith Miller but couldn’t even bring themselves to use her name or fire her when they did it. There’s integrity and humility for you.

Gail Collins, editor of the op-ed page, will naturally get her panties in a knot with such criticism and cite the recent editorial where the nyt’s wrote Bush as psychologically incapable of telling the truth. Then she’ll just sit there like some bloated, sick spider above the page, unmoved as she lets some of the worst hacks in US journalism foul her columns and our national political discourse: Saffire, Friedman and Brooks.

A good start at redemption for Miz Collins would be to permanently put Ehrenreich in Friedman’s place. Need an incredibly good book for the long holiday weekend? None better can be found than the incomparably famous Nickel & Dimed by Ehrenreich. Read that book and you’ll understand what a real writer and journalist goes through to deliver the truth to her readers.

If Friedman had any sense he’d never come back—Ehrenreich has already dusted him in content, integrity, and professionalism with just one column. Don’t ever come back, Tom, we like this real writer and journalist much, much, much better.

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