Friday :: Jul 2, 2004

Bush and the GOP Have Rabbit Ears

by paradox

“Rabbit Ears” is an old baseball term to describe a player who’s far too sensitive. Playing the infield, running off first or at bat, the rabbit ear player gets barraged with verbal taunting because the opposing team knows they can very easily get into his head and make a mistake much more likely with blown concentration.

Bush and the GOP have the biggest pair of rabbit ears to be seen in a long, long time. The slightest insult or negative conclusion sends them squealing to Fox News and their websites to start this huge media din.

That’s precisely what happened when some MoveOn entries insinuated Bush and the GOP were Nazis. All hell broke loose, and then, just like any classic Rabbit Ear player, they made a dreadful mistake in producing their own Nazi commercial (it appears to be gone from the campaign website now). That Nazi charge really got to them.

Bush has also made a very bad mistake with his latest Cuba policy—it restricts travel and the amount of money expatriates can send back home. The whole Cuban community in Florida is in an uproar and John Kerry is skewering them for being so stupid as to piss off a crucial voting block in a crucial state.

That policy will change in 96 hours. Watch. Bush and the GOP do stupid things all the time, but with Kerry egging them on they’ll either reverse the policy or make a mistake here. Bank on it.

Not Since Hoover

Mars, Bitch!

Treason is our payback! (Valerie Plame)

These calls from the dugout really get the GOP in a frenzy. Use them often and watch as they strike out. Feel free to add any good catcalls in the comments.

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