Monday :: Jul 5, 2004

Quick Hits: Fahrenheit 911 Heads Past $55 Million, And Is It Gephardt?

by Steve

Getting back into the swing of things from the holiday weekend, I bring forward several nuggets for your consideration and comment:

First, “Fahrenheit 911” didn’t wither under the “Spiderman 2” barrage this weekend, and managed to push its total to over $56 million in less than two weeks. This movie may top $100 million before its theatrical run peters out. It will then be released as a DVD just weeks before the election. By the way, “Spiderman 2” is a damn good movie also.

Second, there is a flutter of excitement and dread at other blogs from indications that Kerry has decided on Dick Gephardt. Both Taegan Goddard and Archpundit note sources that indicate Kerry will be naming Gephardt this week. I tend to agree with those who indicate that Kerry’s appearance with Vilsack over the weekend and a supposed appearance with Gephardt tomorrow are in fact face-saving “thanks but no” appearances for also-rans. I could be wrong, but I am starting to wonder if Kerry isn’t going to go with Edwards or Clark. Either way, Kerry will be making his announcement first to those who receive his campaign email, so if you currently don’t receive it, this may be a good time to sign up.

Third, the physician who has been charged with attesting to the health of Pacemaker Dick the last four years has been canned because of his own pill-popping.

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