Monday :: Jul 5, 2004

The Saddam Statue Con Job

by Steve

Remember the toppling of Saddam’s statue last year, when it appeared that large crowds of Iraqis in a spur of the moment decided, in their apparent joy at being “liberated”, to pull down a statue of Saddam? It was revealed weeks later that despite the willingness of the media to perpetuate the myth that thousands of Iraqis assembled spontaneously to pull down the statue, in truth when cameras pulled back only a hundred or so Iraqis were actually assembled to pull down the statue.

Well now another myth about that event has been revealed as a fraud. According to Saturday’s Los Angeles Times and today’s Editor and Publisher, the whole event was staged by an Army psychological operations (PSYOP) team as one more way to give the impression here at home of widespread Iraqi joy. It turns out that a colonel in the Marines saw the statue as a target of opportunity, and directed announcements over loudspeakers encouraging Iraqis to help pull down the statue. Then, with the media in place to film the event, and the truck used to pull down the statue filled with Iraqi children but driven by Americans behind the children, down came the statue, giving the impression that the Iraqis themselves had spontaneously decided in their joy to symbolically topple Saddam.

Well at least this part of the Army’s PSYOP went well. A recently-released report from the Army itself says that the logistical support for our troops in the war failed terribly, as our troops didn’t have sufficient equipment and other support to maintain an effective war in Iraq. (Keep in mind that a large amount of this logistical support was contracted out in the months before the war to Halliburton) The report concludes that as a result, the Iraqis had the means to pin us down, and probably would have, had we followed the Pentagon script and engaged in a seige of Baghdad. Thankfully, as usual, this was scuttled due to the heroism of a commander on the ground who took the initiative to drive into Baghdad ahead of schedule to cripple the regime.

The report also indicates that almost all of the vaunted PSYOP that Rummy and the Pentagon took credit for in encouraging the Iraqi military leadership to stand down failed miserably as well, despite claims by Rummy and Wolfie to the contrary.

I guess we shouldn’t therefore be surprised that we had to talk Iraqis into pulling down Saddam’s statue, and that our Pentagon duped the media into another falsehood. After Jessica Lynch and now this, it makes you wonder how much of what we saw on TV during the war was real, and how much was utter garbage.

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