Monday :: Jul 5, 2004

Why I Think It Will Be Edwards

by Steve

Thanks to bz and Talk Left for the tip...

You'll remember from earlier posts today on the running mate frenzy that ABC News and others had pointed to a meeting last Thursday night in Washington at Madeline Albright's home where Kerry and his favored running mate attended. However, CNN and the AP mentioned today that in checking the schedules of the top three (Gephardt, Edwards, and Vilsack), only Gephardt was in town that day. This has led many today to assume that Gephardt may get the nod.

Yet it was also revealed late today that Edwards interrupted a family vacation in Disney World last Thursday at the last minute at Kerry's request to fly to Washington for a meeting. This would explain why Edwards' schedule wouldn't show him being in Washington last Thursday. Plus, Edwards went ahead and did two fundraisers for Kerry today in Boston, a true amount of team work for a guy if in fact he was going to be passed over this week. Video of Gephardt walking with his wife and dog today in Washington portrayed a man looking disappointed, who said "I haven't heard anything" which in fact may be code-speak for "I got passed over, and I have to keep my mouth shut for another day or so." And the Los Angeles Times noted today that Vilsack and Kerry looked anything but in lockstep yesterday while on the stump in Iowa.

Now we find out from tomorrow's New York Times that in fact Edwards did attend the Albright meeting with Kerry last Thursday night. If it is true that Kerry attended this meeting with his favored choice, then the guessing game is over.

Kerry may not be as comfortable with Edwards as he is with Gephardt or Vilsack. But Kerry knows that he is in this thing to win, not to be comfortable. Despite the psychobabble from Bill Clinton that it is most important to pick someone you are comfortable with, the whole purpose for raising all this money, going through all this painful media scrutiny and thrashing and abuse from the opposition is to win the damn race. John Kennedy knew that it was more important to pick LBJ in an anticipated close election than it was to be comfortable with someone and lose.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that John Kerry will select John Edwards as his running mate tomorrow or Wednesday because Edwards has polled better than all the others, and because Edwards has a better message and is a better salesman than Kerry, and Kerry knows it to be true. Kerry will pick Edwards because he is in this thing to win, not to be comfortable.

Update: As Toby points out, and as a tip from over at DKos indicates, there is an unconfirmed report from an aviation blog tonight that a Kerry campaign plane is being repainted for Edwards. Again, it could be nothing more than a hoax.

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