Tuesday :: Jul 6, 2004

Edwards' Pick Changes The Race

by Steve

MSNBC Online Poll 11:44 EDT Today:

If the presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for?

George Bush 38%
John Kerry 59%
Ralph Nader 3%

Total Votes 313,019

Sure, itís a flash poll with the usual problems with online polls, but if you donít think the Edwards selection will change this race, then you, like the White House, are whistling past the graveyard. Prior to this announcement, Kerry and Bush were treading water in head-to-heads, as the most recent American Research Group poll shows out today. And initial Bush response to Edwards announcement, where the TV ads with McCain are aimed to reinforce the notion that anyone aside from McCain would be Kerryís second choice, arenít going to register for long with voters. Besides, McCain has already come out this morning and said that he will not attack either Kerry or Edwards in this campaign, so Bush has used up this bullet already and has nothing to show for it.

Expect Kerry/Edwards to pull out to a 7-9 point lead over the next two weeks. And that is before the convention. The problem for Bush and Cheney is that they have nothing new in terms of energy to offer voters as a counterbalance to this move; everything they have is based on fear and negative energy. Bush will not dump Cheney to bring aboard McCain to offset this move without doing damage in his base.

A great move by Kerry, who as I said last night is savvy enough to know that the only thing that matters is winning.

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