Tuesday :: Jul 6, 2004

Feel Free To Ignore The Trolls-We Have Bigger Fish To Fry

by Steve

Folks, our freeper opponents are going to be scared for awhile as a result of this morning. They may be scared right up until November. Although I usually don't mind a vigorous debate here at The Left Coaster, we can expect the trolls to come out in full force with their stupid comments, illogical analyses, and meaningless predictions.

Feel free to ignore the trolls. From today on, we will work on unity and energy, and we must be focused like a laser on stomping out these guys and their corrupt regime in November. A positive vision and hope for the future is all that matters from today onward. Let the freeper trolls whistle past the graveyard. Let's stop swinging at pitches in the dirt from these guys. They aren't worth it. They can't win on the issues, and they know it, so they resort to what you see in the comments section and on the media. In other words, utter garbage.

It has been said that open debates here and elsewhere are good to focus our arguments and to see if some consensus on common areas of interest can be reached. Yet the right wing has no such interest in debate or reaching common ground. They already know what they want and it isn't what you want. We are at least as well informed as they are, and unlike them, we still rely on objective information where we can get it. They on the contrary only supposedly want "fair and balanced" information, which is nothing more than a cover for a steady dose of right wing and corporate propaganda to make up for the So Called Liberal Media that hasn't existed for at least a decade. Remember, there is a huge difference between being objective, and being fair and balanced. We are under no requirement to be balanced, and after seeing what they have done to us for years, we no longer need to worry about being fair.

The only thing that matters is energizing the base, bringing in swing voters, and convincing those that we can of the need for them to think about their families and their kids' futures the next four years. Four more years of fear, ineptitude, dishonesty, private interest and greed, corruption, and a politics of division is not what we want, nor is it what we deserve. The naysayers and smear artists on the right have nothing else to offer except lies, greed, distortions, and fear, masked as false security and "I-got-mine" tax cuts.

Cut off the energy to these freeper trolls and let's focus on what is important between now and the election. This will be a clear choice of vision and ideals, but it will also be a war in the trenches where we must stand up to those who have run this country into the ground for their own purposes. But save your energy for those you talk to daily, work with, and for the media to keep them honest and let them know you won't take their conservative crap anymore. Our trolls here aren't worth your time.

The days of Mr. "Uniter, not a Divider" are over. He and his poisonous cabal are on life support from today on.

Let's roll.

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