Tuesday :: Jul 6, 2004

RNC Attacks On Edwards Are Usual GOP Moronic Drivel

by Steve

The White House and RNC are really straining to smear John Edwards already. According to the AP, here are the standard attack angles:

According to the RNC, Edwards is “phony and disingenuous" and "unaccomplished.” Really? Exactly what has Pacemaker Dick accomplished either in government or as the failed head of Halliburton? And calling anyone else phony and disingenuous, coming from the Bush Administration, is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

"It's hard to sell a liberal in the South," Rove said. Edwards is "more liberal than Ted Kennedy."

Really Karl? It seems that everyone to you is more liberal than Ted Kennedy. At some point Karl, when people keep hearing the same Johnny-One-Note attacks from you all the time, no one listens anymore.

And remember this the next time Bush is challenged on his record and the GOP says the attacks are unfair and unpatriotic:

Bush sidestepped a reporter's question about whether he agreed with the RNC's charges. But his chief spokesman, Scott McClellan, did not disavow them.
"Is there something in there that you're disputing?" McClellan shot back when a reporter asked him about the accusations. "It's perfectly reasonable to talk about the differences on the issues and to talk about the record."

So the next time the Democrats attack Bush’s record and get the usual “you’re being negative” or “unpatriotic” smear from the GOP, remember that “It's perfectly reasonable to talk about the differences on the issues and to talk about the record.

The debates should be fun. Seeing Pacemaker Dick attack Edwards for being a trial attorney, coming from the corrupt former head of Halliburton should give Edwards the opportunity to hammer the GOP for their selling out of the public interest for private gain.

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