Tuesday :: Jul 6, 2004

9/11 Commission Once Again Slaps Down Cheney Claim Of Saddam-Al Qaeda Link

by Steve

You'll remember last month when the 9/11 Commission stated that despite claims to the contrary by the Bush Administration, the commission could find no evidence of a ongoing relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Several days later, both Bush and Cheney took issue with that assessment, claiming that such a relationship did exist. Cheney went further and stated that he "probably" had more information on such a relationship than did the commission.

Calling his bluff, the 9/11 Commission then said they wanted to see this purported information in Cheney's possession, and gave the Vice President time to make it available to the commission, a commission that the administration claims to have been cooperating with all along.

To no one's surprise, after waiting for Pacemaker Dick to put up or shut up for several weeks, the commission got nothing from the White House. So, according to tomorrow's Post and the Times, the commission is reiterating that no evidence has been found of such a relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda, and the commission states that they believe they have the same information that the White House does. Cheney's office is now left with claiming stupidly that they weren't taking issue with the commission, but with the media reports about the commission's findings. If so, then why would the commission see the need to poke Bush and Cheney in the eye again today over how the media supposedly reported the disagreement the first time if the commission didn't also feel that the White House was targeting the commission's credibility?

In other words, they called Cheney and Bush's bluff, got nothing, and proved both to be liars who are unable when given the chance to back up their claims.

But remember, these guys have restored honor and integrity to the White House, right?

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