Tuesday :: Jul 6, 2004

Blair Finally Admits That WMDs May Never Be Found In Iraq

by Steve

It's a little late Tony for you to come around. With the 9/11 Commission in essence trashing the justification Bush gave to Congress to invade Iraq, now Tony Blair comes out and admits that WMDs may never be found in Iraq. Like a drunk who will not let go of his bottle, Blair still insists that the threat alone was enough to justify the war, but since we now know there was no imminent threat, we also therefore know that there was no reason to stop the IAEA inspectors from completing their jobs in the Spring of 2003 to verify noncompliance with UN resolutions.

So let's check the list:

1. Imminent threat? No
2. WMDs? No
3. A 45-minute capability? No
4. A connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda? No
5. A connection between Saddam and 9/11? No
6. Any reason why inspections couldn't continue? No
7. Did the war cripple terrorism? No
8. Have Americans been treated as liberators? No
9. Has the war made us safer from terrorism? No

Yep, that's surely a record of success from two guys and their poodle.

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