Thursday :: Jul 8, 2004

Kenny Boy does the Perp Walk

by Duckman GR

I probably scared the neighbors this morning.

Why, you ask? Well, as I drank the first of that glorious brew, my friend coffee, what did I see on the jabberwocky machine?


I yelled out like Jerry Coleman on that ground ball to Craig Nettles in '84. Happy that is. Seeing that bastard doing the perp walk got the day off to a great start.

Oh sure, there's a long way to go, but this is a start to righting a terrible wrong done by one of GW Shrubs biggest backers. And lest we forget just how odious the whole Enron Crew was, here's a little reminder (just scroll down a bit to the 2nd article). There's lots of links further down and a timeline of the whole Enron mess after the traders section. Lots o links.

Want more? Here's an article from the Toronto Star . Here's 2 quotes from the article I find notable:

Bush, at an appearance in Waterford, Mich., was asked by reporters about the indictment, but walked away without answering. Hmmm, left speechless, and the crowd thanked their lucky stars!

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Lay accepted responsibility for Enron's demise, but said he had committed no crimes.

He said Fastow, the architect of Enron's financial house of cards, was largely to blame for the company's troubles.

"At our core, regrettably, we had a chief financial officer and a few other people who, in fact, mismanaged the company's balance sheet and finances and enriched themselves in a way that, once we got into a stressful environment in the marketplace, the company collapsed," Lay told the Times. Everybodies fault but his.

I have a hard time imagining how these people could sleep at night, the traders, the execs, the whole lot of them. The fact that they could says a lot about their humanity. And the company they keep. Here's another financial accounting of Kenny Boy Don't He Look Good in Cuffs Lay and Bush.

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