Friday :: Jul 9, 2004

Bush Administration's Miserable Record On Securing WMD In Iraq

by Mary

Bush and Cheney insist that they had to attack Iraq in March of last year because Iraq was an imminent danger to the US. They insisted that the attack on Iraq had to happen right away rather than waiting even two weeks, because the threat was so great and nothing else could be done that would deter the threat.

As someone who had been watching how badly the Bush administration was with dealing with reality (they had been denying enviromental damage and global warming for awhile by the time the war started), I opposed Bush's war because I knew that Bush and his cronies would not only make the same mistakes others did who invaded Iraq (ex: Britain in the early 20th century), but that their actions and decisions would be even worse than the most arrogant f*ups in the Nixon administion.

When the war started, it was even more obvious that the Bush administration was totally clueless about what to do with the threat from unleashed nuclear materials. The looting of Tuwaitha and the subsequent poisoning of the Iraqis living near that plant was the fault of the Bush administration.

The Bush administration was warned that securing the existing nuclear sites in Iraq (which the IAEA had certified complied with UN rules) was one of the top things to handle after the Iraq war ended. But they ignored these issues so they could concentration on their top priority: the protection of the oil ministry bureaucracy.

Recently the press has been full of accounts of how bad Saddam was and how he really did try to get nuclear materials for weapons and so the Bush administration was right to invade in March. Saddam might have wanted to have lots of bad things, but that didn't make the case that he was also really dangerous. One sign of how silly the fear about Iraq was, is to look at the assumption that Iraq was smuggling lots of uranium into Iraq. The inanity of the charge was vividly expressed by Laura Rozen.

You know, 500 tons of yellowcake is a pretty startlingly large amount. That's about 250 elephants worth of yellowcake. Even if it was very very dense, how many elephants could you fit on a C130? Like, three maybe, right? It wouldn't have been easy for Iraq to slip shipments of that size undetected by satellite and other means. What's more: Iraq already had uranium. It was under IAEA seal at Iraq's Tuwaitha nuclear facility since the 1991 first Gulf War, until the US invasion last year.

So today, when the media tells you why it is a good thing that the US has "liberated" Iraq of nuclear material, you might ask why we should believe them.

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