Friday :: Jul 9, 2004

Is the SCLM Crippling Our Candidates?

by paradox

Many Democrats are still livid with rage at the tentativeness and obsequiousness of the Democratic leadership of the last 4 years. Howard Dean mobilized an army and huge piles of cash flatly stating he wanted the Democrats in DC to act like Democrats again.

Al Gore ran a terrible campaign. Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards all voted for the disastrous Iraq war—Kerry, more than anyone on the planet, should have known better. Ominously, when the filthy GOP attack machine actually had the incredible gall to start a smear campaign against Kerry’s “fraudulent” combat medals Kerry was excorticated for not effectively countering the attack.

Why are Democrats so tentative and lame in countering the GOP tactics so gleefully employed by our whoring, corporate, unprofessional, So Called Liberal Media? Millions of Democrats desperately want to know that answer. There’s no way to tell, but I think part of the answer is that Democrats like Kerry know full well the media in the US is rigged against them. Almost all politicians are supremely cautious people, and Kerry, without ever articulating it to anyone, may have concluded the best way to respond was to do nothing.

It’s safest. Responding very well may have caught Kerry in a vicious downward spiral of spin he could not control. He had no way of knowing if a response would somehow viciously boomerang on him.

It’s no accident Al Gore plans to start a television network. He, more than any, knows how disastrous the gross negligence of the press corps in the 2000 election hurt him. He literally could not tell the purest of truths without immediately been called a liar. A big part of the reason his campaign sputtered constantly was that they couldn’t figure out what to do in an insane media environment like that. If telling the truth gets you called a liar, what does one do? Really?

Kerry and all of the Democrats are in the same bind. Baffled Democrats can at least get a tiny slice of solace in the fact that it’s likely their candidates haven’t lost their core values or their spines—they just don’t know how to operate in a viciously biased media environment. The SCLM makes the rules and then changes them on the fly so the knife goes in deeper. It’s not a surprise Democrats decide not to fight at all with a game rigged like that.

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